The Registrar's Office is responsible for the custody and maintenance of the records of all students admitted to and enrolled at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico. It implements the academic regulations established by the School authorities and applicable legislation. It provides services to students, faculty, and the public at large, regarding enrollment, official documents, certification of enrollment, graduation, financial aid, grades, and standards of academic achievement. The Registrar's Office prepares the Academic Calendar; processes grade changes, incompletes, total and partial withdrawals, and carries out other academic processes concerning students’ records. It is also the office in charge of processes related to registration and registration certification.

The Veteran Services are located at the Registrar’s Office, which is in charge of evaluating, certifying and guarding the academic load of all students who receive veterans benefits from the Veterans Administration.

Class Attendance

Class attendance is compulsory. Professors are obliged to take down students’ absences and report them to the Registrar. Frequent absences affect final grades. For a three-credit course, the semester has 96 hours of work, whilst General Studies and Art Education contain 48 class hours. With 5 unjustified absences, or its equivalent in class hours, the student will have an “F” grade.

Modes of Study

Study by Agreement

Study by agreement provides a regular student the opportunity to take a course through a written agreement with the professor, on the form in which the course objectives and content will be fulfilled. Student and professor subscribe an agreement in written; stipulating the learning activities the student is committed to carry out individually and independently. The professor’s function is to facilitate this process of study.

The course by agreement is granted when a course is not available in the semester in which the student is an official graduation candidate and the course is necessary for meeting graduation requisites. The student will be able to take courses by agreement as long as he/she meets the requirements set in the policy for courses by agreement.

Challenging Courses

The challenging allows the student to demonstrate knowledge of a subject matter without taking the course. In workshop courses, the student will be examined through exercises that show command over skills or techniques. This may include a demonstration in presence and presenting a portfolio.

Every student who wishes to challenge courses via Portfolio and/or equivalent exam, should meet the requirements set by the Institution through its policy for challenging courses with portfolio or exam.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard

All students of the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico should show satisfactory academic progress. A student complies with Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard when he/she gets the minimum academic average required in the credits attempted and set by the Department, during each semester. The standard can also be achieved if he/she approves at least 67% of attempted credits. At the end of every academic year, the academic average and the % of credits attempted by all students are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office in order to determine if they meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standard.

Minimum Academic Average Required

The minimum academic average required according to attempted credits (that is, the total of enrolled and transferred courses) and to the Department to which they belong is as follows:

Attempted Credits                  Index

59 ó menos                       2.00*
60-89                               2.20*
90-119                             2.35*
120- ó más                       2.50*

* A excepción de los estudiantes de Educación del Arte.

For Art Education Students it is as follows::

Attempted Credits        Index

59 ó menos                       2.50
60-89                               2.70
90-119                             2.85
120- ó más                       3.00

Required Percentage of Attempted credits

In order to meet the Satisfactory Standard Progress, the student must approve 67% of attempted credits.

Validation of Studies

The Escuela de Artes Plásticas y DiseñoSchool of Puerto Rico will validate credits form other institutions of Higher Education of Puerto Rico and from abroad, as long as they are accredited by an official and recognized agency. The validated course will not receive qualification, nor will be taken into account for the calculation of the general average, or GPA, but will be counted for the credits attempted and approved.

Students who have pursued studies in other accredited universities will be able to receive academic accreditation according to the following norms:

  1. The validation of each approved subject should correspond to a subject equivalent in objectives, content and level, to the ones the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y DiseñoSchool of Puerto Rico offers.
  2. Only courses approved with “C” or more will be validated.
  3. Up to a sixty (60) credits maximum will be validated.
  4. The transfer student should request an official validation of the courses taken in another institution. Such request should be made after being admitted and after complying with the requirement of the Seminary of Orientation and Safety, beginning on the day his/her first registration takes place, and according to dates on the Academic Calendar. He/she will be charged the fee established for the validation of credits by the Institution. The student will be responsible for submitting an official description of the courses of the institution he/she is coming from.
  5. If the process of requesting an official validation within the period of time established in article 4, does not take place, the transfer student will loose the right to receive a validation.

Policy for Validation of Studies (PDF)

Law on privacy rights over students’ academic record: F.E.R.P.A. Law

The Registrar’s Office and the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño comply with the provisions of F.E.R.P.A. (Family Educational Rights for Privacy Act) or the 1974-Buckley Amendment. This law protects the confidentiality of student records, whether academic, personal or electronic. The institution is the custodian of these records, which means that no information whatsoever may be provided to anyone regarding these records, unless authorized in written and duly identified by the student.

Veterans and beneficiaries of federal programs

The Escuela de Artes Plásticas y DiseñoSchool of Puerto Rico is authorized to enroll veterans and their beneficiaries, who have been referred by federal and state agencies. These beneficiaries should comply with all the admission requirements, in addition to those related to their condition as beneficiary of the corresponding agency in the federal or state program.

The Veterans Affairs Office , establishes that beneficiaries should complete their study program within the regular time of the program (100%). If it goes beyond the regular time (150%), he/she will not be able to continue receiving the veteran benefits. However, he/she will be able to receive other financial aid available, if he/she qualifies.

For more information, access the institutional Catalogue  - Catalogue (PDF)