The Art Education bachelor's degree is designed to prepare the art teachers of the future. Students of this concentration must comply with the certification requirements of the Department of Education in order to work as a teacher in Puerto Rico. One of those requirements is passing a certification examination. The Certificate authorizes its holder to work as a Visual Arts teacher at the elementary or secondary level. Most of the education courses entail a minimum of eighteen (18) visit-hours to public or private schools.

Upon completion of studies, the graduate will be enabled to:

  • Work as a teacher using methodology and techniques of evaluation.
  • Have awareness of the value of Art in society and its usefulness in education.
  • Have knowledge of the philosophical, sociological, and psychological principles of education.
  • Develop the reading and writing skills of their students by means of pedagogical and art strategies.
  • Continue graduate studies in his/her specialization.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative methods in the classroom.
  • Be certified as a Teacher of the education system of Puerto Rico.
  • Use artistic techniques as learning tools..

Informational Documents

Course description (PDF) 
Study Sequence (PDF)