The Fashion Design Program develops in the student and future designer the knowledge and necessary skills to become a professional in the field of Fashion Design. It emphasizes the command of techniques and processes involved in the production of individual pieces and collections, from the conceptualization to the final production. It enables the student to command the digital technology of clothing production, and to create models for manufacturing. It emphasizes the analysis of the market for which the design is intended. Stress on technology and market knowledge, is combined with a proven preparation in the arts and the humanities. It stimulates the creation of projects whose technical quality and depth, contribute to visual culture and to the enrichment of Puerto Rican fashion design tradition.

At the end of his/her studies, the graduate will be enabled to:

  • Understand how the elements and principles of three-dimensional design and the particularities of different materials and fabrics, contribute to the creation and production of clothing.
  • Use diverse materials and fabrics from a deep knowledge of their features.
  • Command the techniques and necessary processes to produce individual pieces and collections, from conceptualization to final production. It teaches portfolio preparation, illustration, industrial production, digital programs and others.
  • Integrate diverse creative and practical processes in the development and coordination of projects and self-managing processes.
  • Know diverse market-analysis strategies.
  • Employ fashion market knowledge to position his/her designs in its optimum niche.
  • Command the interpretation of: external and emotional factors, market usage, consumer psychology, and historical, social and political factors in the preparation and organization of a project.
  • Know the history and development of universal and Puerto Rican Fashion Design.

Informational Documents

Course Description (PDF) 
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