The Industrial Design program develops in the student and future designer the knowledge and command of the design process, emphasizing the exploration and development of functional solutions to daily problems, through the production of objects, systems or services of cultural and commercial value. The program focuses on: usage of the latest technological resources within the field practice, processes of research and problem analysis, conceptualization and development of ideas, methodologies of bi-dimensional and three-dimensional representation, fabrication of prototypes and production coordination, as well as the usage of digital visualization and production tools. It stimulates the student to create projects whose technical quality and depth contribute to visual culture and enhance Puerto Rican design tradition.

Upon completion the student will:

  • Show knowledge of:
    • The history and development of design in developed countries and Puerto Rico.
    • Professional practices of an industrial designer, the importance of keeping he design’s intention, the aesthetics and form of a design, the cultural language of a design, as well as the impact of digital technology in the making of models.
    • European, American and Asian styles, and how they reveal the society that produces them.

  • Will be able to:
    • Apply design techniques from the product concept to its fabrication.
    • Command presentation techniques and turn visual concepts into final drawings.
    • Produce innovative designs with a vision of the time, space and place where they will be used, and develop models of the highest digital, virtual and real quality.
    • Create functional, viable, cost-efficient designs for its market, which are aesthetically attractive, while integrating form, function and style.
    • Use digital technology in designing.
    • Produce furniture designs based on an ergonomic analysis, as well as posses the knowledge of fabrication processes and industrial assembly.
    • Know the technique and technology usage of precision machinery, as well as the design of easy-assembly products..

Informational Documents

Course Description (PDF)
Study Sequence (PDF)