The Painting Study Program develops in the student and future artist the knowledge and skills of this field. It trains the student in the use of drawing and diverse traditional pictorial techniques such as water-based media, oil, temple, stain glass, mosaic. It encourages experimentation with innovative concepts and materials, as well as diverse practices of contemporary Painting. It also trains them for the critical analysis of their work and provides them with the necessary technical and conceptual tools to develop their plastic individuality. It stimulates them to create projects whose technical quality and depth, contribute to visual culture and to the enriching of the tradition of Puerto Rican Painting.

Upon completion of studies, the graduate will be enabled to:

  • Use the elements and principles of Painting as a vehicle of expression of his/her aesthetic ideas.
  • Know the general foundations and the development of Painting conventions, as well as its modern and contemporary evolution.
  • Command the technique of drawing as part of the execution of his/her works.
  • Understand the diverse materials and techniques, as well as methods and processes, which intervene in the process of creating pictorial works, from its conceptualization to the final product.
    Command materials and pictorial techniques at a professional level. Understand the history and theory akin to the field of Painting.
  • Know diverse expressive and conceptual possibilities; from the traditional to the contemporary ones, in the creation of pictorial works and be able to combine Painting with: different Fine Arts, Design and other fields. Analyze and evaluate his/her own pictorial works and others’.
  • Use investigation, intuition, as well as critical and creative thought in the search for solutions in the process of producing his/her work.
  • Develop a defined visual and stylistic individuality, and be able to work independently as well as in collaboration.
  • Have an analytical and constructive mentality regarding his/her professional practice and the social responsibility this entails.
  • Pursue graduate studies in his/her area of specialization.

Informational Documents

Course Description (PDF) 
Study Sequence (PDF)