The Printmaking Program develops in the student and future artist, the command of traditional printmaking processes, such as relief etching, intaglio, lithography, collography and silkscreen. Within a framework of experimentation and contemporary graphics, the Program focuses on photographic processes and computer technology as a tool for creation and printmaking, as well as on the use of mixed media, non-traditional supports and diverse formats. It develops advanced skills in design and printing in all print media. It provides the knowledge of the history of printmaking and the most outstanding graphic artists. It offers students the critical, technical, aesthetical and conceptual tools, necessary for developing their plastic individuality. It stimulates him/her to create projects, whose technical quality and deep insight, contribute to visual culture and enrich the tradition of Puerto Rican Printmaking.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, the student will be able to:

  • Command different techniques, processes, and etching methods, both traditional, modern and contemporary, at an advanced level.
  • Employ a diversity of less toxic methods.
  • Combine photographic and digital processes and those akin to traditional printmaking, in his/her plastic work.
  • Know the different forms of creation and manipulation of digital images, as well as the process of creation of digitized positives.
  • Do works with advanced printing skills in all printmaking supports.
  • Apply knowledge, concepts, and skills learned in the courses, to the critical analysis of his work and others’.
  • Communicate ideas creatively, clearly and with a critical conscience, to colleagues, experts and laymen.
  • Integrate creativity, research, and analysis to the printmaking production.
  • Know the history of national and international Printmaking, and identify the printmakers of all ages who have made important contributions to the medium.
  • Develop an individual body of work, with evident command over design and composition, as well as over technical, aesthetical and conceptual aspects of the medium.

Informational Documents

Course Descriptions (PDF) 
Study Sequence (PDF)