Sponsoring Entities: Students Scholarships

The Cooperatives of Puerto Rico, in their commitments with the professional development of its youths, has made an alliance with the EAPD to invest in the education of our artists.

Puerto Rico’s Multi-insurance Cooperative (CSM)

This year the CSM granted a special scholarship to one student from our School. It grants $ 1,ooo dollars annually to a new-admission student, for four years. At present, we have two students who have received it. It stimulates the student to finish the BFA in four years.



Rincon’s Savings and Credit Cooperative

Coop Rincón, in alliance with the EAPD has granted an assistance of $300. dollars yearly, for three students of the EAPD. This year it will be assigned for two academic years, to different participants. The noticed was sent to the whole community.