The Center for Life and Career Planning (CPVC) has the goal of developing the necessary skills to find jobs and sources of income during and after university studies and to coordinate the student interchange experiences.

The CPVC keeps a data bank, which documents and strengthens the effectiveness of its services in the area of career goals and postgraduate studies. To achieve this goal, the Center provides a variety of services and programs for students and alumni.
The databank includes universities, corporations, professional workshops, agencies and other nuclei for jobs and professional development of artists , designers and art teachers.

Study/travel and Student Interchange

It offers information on opportunities for studying abroad. It explores opportunities for studying in universities outside Puerto Rico.


It provides the student with work experiences aimed at developing and strengthening professional competencies in diverse specialization areas, under the supervision of the Faculty.

Professional Development for Students

In this section you will find resources that help the student prepare for job interviews, write proposals and information on self-management.

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How to write successful art, design and education proposals >>
Self-Management in Visual Arts, Design and Education >>
Leadership and self-management in Fine Arts >>
Management Coaching: A Key Tool for your Employees >>
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Search Engine for Job Offers

Use this link to search for available Jobs: