Discrimination attempts against the dignity of the human being and is in conflict with the mission, philosophy, and objectives of the Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico. The School’s Board of Directors, according to enforced legislation, establishes as a policy to eradicate and prohibit any discriminatory attitude that impedes, obstacles, limits or excludes any of its employees or students with physical or mental disability, from participating being part of, or enjoy of programs or activities, organized, sponsored, operated, managed or carried out by the Institution. It is also institutional policy to offer reasonable accommodation to employees and students eligible under standing statutory dispositions.

Servicios a estudiantes con impedimentos:

  1. Acomodo razonable a estudiantes
  2. Institutional Policy for People with Disabilities
  3. Coordination of Services with the Disabled People’s Ombudsman
  4. Law 238 of August 31, 2004 Charter of Rights of Disabled People
  5. Individual Guidance and Counseling Services
  6. Training of EAPD’s Staff and Professors
  7. Constant Evaluation of Common Spaces in order to Eliminate Potential Barriers
  8. Coordination of Services with Vocational Rehabilitation Office
  9. Preferential Turns during Enrollment Process
  10. Assisting Technology
  11. Academic Counseling